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Folding scissor gates are a second layer to protect your assets and property, they provide security as well as functionality for aesthetics without losing the strength. While attempts are made by thieves, they like to skip this double layer that is still there once a door or window is pried open and the alarm is already now going off, meanwhile access is a long fight away still.

For window bars 90 percent of done 8x8 standard pattern, this is most secure as larger spaces don't stop much. for these a price per square foot is set based on supply and or install. custom patterns are available but prices for these are dependent on a site visit or drawings provided. Custom bars can vary greatly.

Mailbox Security Cages are a cost-effective, easy-to-install and only proven solution that’s designed to protect your mail from tampering or being stolen for id theft.

FH Security works daily with Canada Post sorting out jobsites new and under vandalism needing repairs or replacement. while working with industry professionals and being on sites weekly addressing the security needs of mailboxes we know all the different specs accepted and denied. ordering mailboxes is a bit delicate and its best to know what is being ordered and allowed, this we know.

Mailbox Security Cages are the protection of your identification from being stolen for i.d. theft. Identification theft is what makes it easy for burglars and criminals to build a profile on you and also use your credit or cash your stolen cheques. They work by acting as a first sight, first defense infront of your existing mailbox. Whether it be a community or commercial strata complex, our signature designs will deter thieves to think about a new career before destroying yet another expensive mailbox. We have a design that is industry professionally approved to accept the crown Canada Post lock and also a door within each door to serve for the residents to open. Its a must see, and a must have to become secure.


We will send you an acknowledgement email on successful placement of an order on the site. This email will detail the order that you have placed and will give you an invoice number with instructions on any further actions needed to start production. We would advise you to keep this email safely as you will need your order invoice number for any further queries which you may have. Once your order has been accepted, it goes into our system and job board into production.

Please contact us if you do not receive an acknowledgement email and we will make sure it is not a problem with our system. Acknowledgement emails are generated and sent automatically once an order has been successfully completed. You may need to check your mailbox as it may be treating our emails as spam or junk mail and you should check your spam or junk mail folders to make sure they have not gone directly to this location. You may also need to ensure that all of the details entered are correct, please pay particular attention to your payment card details, email address and delivery addresses. You can also contact us by phone also if you seem to have email issues.

We endeavor to process orders as quickly as possible as we know how exciting it is to get your order promptly, however please allow 24 - 72 working hours as a guide.


We accept the following methods of payment Visa, Mastercard, and E-Transfer.

To commence production on your order, a 50 percent deposit is required, once the project is completed and installed the balance is due upon agreed terms. However for orders being shipped that we do not install, full payment is due immediately upon order. All jobs under $1000 will be charged in full before production begins.


We endeavour to process orders as quickly as possible as we know how exciting it is to get your order promptly, however please allow 24 - 72 working hours as a guide.

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