FH Security Products offer multiple locking options to help you keep your valuables secure. Learn about our various methods of protection such as: Mailbox Security Cages, Mailboxes, Intercom Security, Folding Scissor Gates, and Window Bars.

Theft is a growing problem; don’t be a victim. You can never be too safe, and you never know when this product will make the difference between burglary or break-ins.

People are using their homes more for business purposes, so they need protections more than ever. Protect your home or commercial establishment by contacting us.

Mailbox Security Cages

We know how important it is to protect your mailboxes when we developed the first mailbox security cage. Approved by industry professionals, they have built in Canada and U.S. post locks for carriers, we offer a variety of Mailbox Cages to fit any type of mailbox. We also offer Standalone, in-wall recessed, on-wall, and Custom interior/exterior mail cages for any style building you may have. And where it isn’t possible we produce full enclosure rooms as well.

Mailbox - New and Replace

Working with the only 3 approved mailbox providers we can bring in new mailboxes and replace damaged or ruined older mailboxes. There are various models to chose from. We work as industry professionals with all levels of mailbox work and can provide the solution and configuration within regulations of Canada Post to improve your mailbox situation. Following up with security solutions.

Intercom Security

Enhance your intercom security with our specialized solutions. We offer recessed plates and guards to fortify vulnerable lock cylinders, along with locking bars for intercom panels to prevent unauthorized access. Only authorized personnel can manage the system, ensuring robust security at all times.

Folding Scissor Gates

Folding Scissor Gates work in a scissor like action to be both retractable and expandable. Like an accordion, these gates compact to the mounted side and usually hinged side, to achieve the lowest visibility as they can for the highest level of security when stretched across the opening. Thousands installed and shipped across north america. FH Security Gates are unique as they are built industry strongest.

Window Bars

Keep yourself protected with FH Security’s Window Bars. Our window bars can be mounted on any window frame and crafted to fit your windows perfectly. Total versatility makes our window bars perfect for every layout and window shape.

Testimonials on FH Security Products

"Great service and product!! Full House Security just installed security bars on my storefront. Easy to deal with and a great turn around time. I also found the price was reasonable compared with other quotes."
Jason Delware
Property Manager
"We are so thankful for you and your quick service!!! Scissor style gates were just not what we wanted for our optical boutique... sliding gate works perfectly and is visually appealing 🙌"
Impressive Eyewear
"We were all tired of our mail being stolen and our mailboxes being vandalized. Our postman has seen FH Security mailbox cages and suggested looking them up, not only did they replace our mailboxes, but they enclosed it with an amazing product that has had us theft free now for a year, this week they are installing our phase 2 of townhomes."
Val Anderson
Strata President, Coquitlam
"FH Security Products is thorough from start to finish. They are experts in steel security products and make the strongest steel security available, this gives us confidence we need."
Don Enderly
Loss Prevention